What Does “Noon” Stand for?

Noon can mean many things in both the Arabic and English language. Take a look below on a detailed explanation of the letter / word choice.

Over 1,400 years the Arabic letter ن (pronounced as noon) had a meaning however its meaning shifted from a beautiful meaning to a derogatory brand used to describe an Arab Christian brother rooting from the word نصراني (a person who glorifies a Prophet as a God). After investigating the origins, it became clear that the branding meant to be termed as a curse was not given by Muslims against Christians, instead it was created by extreme Christians to create a passion against Muslims. The branding against themselves created a feeling that they were oppressed and had to fight against that oppression. That ideology and label did not live too long after it was fabricated. However, it did succeed in leaving a distasteful residue in my mouth.

Anytime the Arabic letter ن was explained in any religious context extra attention was paid to find how anyone could mistaken it for a derogatory meaning towards our Christian brothers. That led to finding beautiful meanings behind the letter. Specifically found in the tafsir of the first 5 ayat of Surat Al-Qalam that starts with ۞ نٓ  ۚ  وَٱلْقَلَمِ  وَمَا  يَسْطُرُونَ [Nun By the pen! By all they write!* 

Calligraphy by Master Calligrapher Ustaz Nur El-Deen drew this first verse of Surat Al-Qalam (Quran 68:1) as a pen dipping into an ink well in Houston, TX at the 2018 ISNA convention. Ustaz Nur El-Deen is a legend for Reviving a calligraphy script of Arabic in a Chinese style. This style was the technique that merchants on the silk road used where contracts were written in Arabic (in accordance to the verse in the Quran that commanded that when business is agreed upon the parties must sign an agreement and be held accountable by it) where a person who reads Arabic could look at the text and easily read it, and a person who reads Chinese text can look at it and easily read it even if they couldn’t speak each others language. The teachings of this script was destroyed when the Xing Dynasty unified Chinese script.

Appreciating the letter on a new level with all of its meanings

Seeing how it matched the English language of the time of the day where AM turned into PM, a transition from the time of the day where the early birds took a rest.

Seeing how the letter resembled the symbol of he moon and star – a symbol that once united all Muslim nations.

It became a passion for me to create a symbol that captured all of these elements.

Thus the Noon logo was created as a branding to represent a new era. An era of transitioning for Muslims. An era were we can represent ourselves for ourselves to ourselves and others to see the good we have to offer.

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